Hello! My name is Klaus.

And on my shoulders is our son Bela. We love the wide open spaces at Tempelhofer Feld — what better place to get a piggyback ride!

I was born in 1973 in Rheinhessen—German wine country, and I still have a few bottles that my parents saved for me from that sunny vintage, a local tradition. After stints in Hamburg, Paris and Bonn, I now work as a journalist and photographer in Berlin’s lively Kreuzberg neighborhood. With a tape recorder, notepad and camera in tow, I’ve travelled to places like Yemen, West Jordan and Azerbaijan. My greatest passion is the image. I love storytelling and capturing the decisive moment.

Favorite thing about being a wedding photographer?

Journalism defines the way I photograph. Authentically documented reportage with an eye for small details and great moments. Natural, relaxed portraits. Visual storytelling that captures elusive, fleeting, defining moments. My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer? Getting those shots that I know you’ll love looking at again and again — those pictures you’ll love showing your kids.

What else? I like good coffee, especially made with my Bezzera. In my downtime, when I’m not running around on Tempelhofer Feld with Bela, you’ll find me listening to podcasts (on Apple, science, politics) or at the piano, learning Chilly Gonzales’s etudes. As a kid, I loved The Fall Guy and Modern Talking; now I’m more into Leonard Cohen and Lady Gaga — and also go to the opera every few weeks. What we don’t have is a TV or a car. Just a roomy Christiania cargo bike, a couple car-sharing memberships, and a Netflix subscription.

When I’m not photographing weddings, I like to shoot families – with the same documentary approach – and also business portraits and documentaries for magazines and corporate clients.

You can find out more about my work as a documentary wedding photographer in my FAQ. And the rest we can discuss when we meet for coffee!