Fleeting moments are the life of your wedding photos

Your wedding day will be full of emotional moments — of solemn ceremony, of laughter, of joy. Such fleeting, unscripted moments can only be captured with documentary photography: candid, honest and true to you.

That’s what I can offer as a trained reporter and photojournalist: reportage wedding photography and natural, authentic wedding portraits. Because at your wedding, you won’t need a photographer to stage memorable moments. So many stories will just unfold naturally. With a reporter’s eye, I capture the pictures that tell those stories. I blend into crowd, letting you forget the camera’s even there and at the same time staying close to the action, unobtrusively capturing each moment as it happens. Creating wedding pictures you’ll love looking at again and again — that will always transport you back to your wedding day

A wedding photographer with a journalist’s eye

Drawing on my experience in photojournalism, I’ll document your wedding day as it happens. Whether in Berlin, elsewhere in Germany, or beyond, I’ll document you and your guests, discreetly and with sensitivity, recording the day in the reportage tradition, capturing unstaged reactions, emotions, details. The result: a rich, authentic visual narrative of all the facets of your wedding. Your story told in unforgettable, expressive photographs.


Fresh, timeless wedding portraits — 0% clichés, 100% you

Truly great portraits are true to you: authentic, unique, and alive. That goes double for your wedding portraits. On your busy wedding day, the portrait shoot is also a rare time-out just for the two of you. So go ahead, relax, laugh, enjoy each other’s company. I’ll make sure you forget the camera’s even there. That’s the secret to fresh, creative and timeless photos — the kind that are sure to wow your kids someday! Please get in touch so we can get to know each other. Reportage wedding photography only works when everyone feels comfortable with each other: the folks in front of the camera as well as the photographer behind it.

Your wedding photos are totally yours

After the event, you’ll receive all your wedding pictures as high-res, ready-to-print JPG files, without watermarks, on a USB flash drive. You’ll also receive access to an elegant, password-protected online gallery, including a slideshow feature, which you can easily share with your guests. Have as many prints and enlargements made as you like, same goes for your guests — there are no additional license fees.

Looking for more information? Please browse my FAQs or recent examples of my reportage wedding photography.