So many wedding photographers out there

… and you found me, though. Browsed through my wedding stories. Read about me and my philosophy. We might fit together.

I have put together some of the most frequently asked questions here. This is not intended to replace a personal discussion about your plans, but to give some initial answers, maybe even to questions you haven’t asked yourself yet. We’ll discuss everything else over the phone or over coffee.

How’s your English? I love getting international booking inquiries and besides English, I even speak a little French and broken Arabic.

How do we book a photo session? Please get in touch with your planned dates, location and tentative schedule of events. If I still have availability, I’ll make a date with you soon so we can get to know each other and discuss more details, whether in person or on Skype. To confirm your booking, I’ll ask for a deposit and we’ll sign a contract.

Will you travel or do you only work in Berlin? Planning a wedding at the Baltic Sea, in Munich or even in Italy? I’d be thrilled to be there. The only added costs would be my transportation and lodgings. Please contact me for an estimate.

How can we tell it’s a good fit? An essential part of the booking process is getting to know each other face-to-face, at the very minimum, on Skype or Facetime. As we talk about your plans and expectations and my approach as a photographer, it will soon become clear whether we’re on the same wavelength!

How far in advance should we book? Well, it depends on your wedding date. Between May and September, Saturdays are usually booked far in advance. On weekdays or in the off-season, I may have availability at shorter notice. Feel free to ask!

What are your rates? Prices for a full wedding day coverage start at 2200 Euros for 8 hours. Please contact me for a personal offer.

Do we have to pose at the portrait session? It’s so not our style! Same here! I like natural, authentic portraits. They can only happen when you just relax and hang out with each other: move around, flirt, have fun — and forget the camera. I’ll help make that happen.

How much time should we plan for our wedding portraits? When the light and location align just right, we could take get all tons of great shots in ten minutes. That said, let’s plan for up to an hour, just to be on the safe side. Evening sun is especially great for portraits. Let’s see what works with your wedding events, your guests and your location.

What if you get sick right before our wedding? Fortunately, this has never happened! But I have a great network of colleagues and I will help you find another photographer you trust. And of course I’ll refund your deposit in full.

And what if your camera breaks? I always bring backups for the camera, lenses, flashes, batteries and memory cards. That’s why you book a professional!

What will you wear at our wedding? Well, I won’t be wearing shorts, a t-shirt or flip-flops — unless your guests are too. I work best if I can blend in with your wedding guests, so I’ll dress accordingly!

How many photos will you deliver? Well, that depends on a number of things. How many guests are coming? How much is happening? At what locations? For how long? After shooting a full day, I usually go home with several thousand photos. An important part of my process is making a selection of 400 to 500 photos that really work and editing them for you. As with many things, less is more.

Will our wedding photos be in full resolution? Yes, you’ll receive your photos in the original resolution as ready-to-print, edited JPGs on a USB flash drive or via download link. No watermarks, no fine print.

Can you get rid of my pimple? My service includes editing each of your photos to optimize framing, color, contrast and exposure. What it doesn’t include is beauty retouching. I believe in natural, authentic portraits — I prefer to leave the glossy magazine look to the full-time Photoshop specialists. But back to your pimple: if something like that is really distracting in a close-up, yes, I can get rid of it.

How can our guests see our photos? I’ll set up a password-protected online gallery for you, which will be available for one year. There, your guests can scroll through your pictures, download photos free of charge, or order prints.

Can we book you just for the ceremony? I prefer to document your whole wedding day, so I can tell the whole story, the anticipation, the laughter, the tears of joy. That said, outside the summer season or on weekdays, shorter bookings are possible. You’re welcome to contact me for an estimate.

Should we set a place for you at the reception? I’ve found that it’s helpful to be among your guests during meals. That way, I won’t miss any impromptu toasts and interactions, and I can refuel at the same time.

Are you going to put our photos on your website? I really enjoy putting my personal favorites from each wedding together in a photo essay. And you get to see the highlights of your day curated from the photographer’s point of view. If you’d rather keep your wedding offline, though, of course I’ll respect that!

When will we get our photos? I want you to have your photos as soon as possible — at the very latest, six weeks after the wedding.

Do you also do photo booths? Photo booths are definitely fun, but they work best when staffed professionally. So that I can give my undivided attention to the reportage photos of your reception, I’m happy to recommend a separate, professionally-staffed photobooth service.

You probably have more questions — please ask away! I would be happy to hear from you.