Pistachio ice cream and poodle salon – newly weds in Schöneberg

So let’s not call this an engagement shoot. Four days before we met to take pictures in their Schöneberg neighborhood, Julia and Martin had already got married at the registry office. In June we’ll celebrate the big wedding together in Pohnstorf, I am already looking forward to it. But first, we arranged to go for a walk with the camera two weeks ago. Newly-weds’ photos, you could call them. We started right in the hallway, past the favourite ice cream parlour, the workplace, the kindergarden, the former poodle salon… in other words, all those places that mean something to both of them in their everyday lives. I am always excited to be able to take pictures right there. All the better if there is also such delicious pistachio ice cream – many thanks again for the kind invitation!

Many thanks again to Julia and Martin – not only for the delicious pistachio ice cream, of course, but also for the nice walk through the neighborhood together, and especially for your trust. It was great fun with you and I look forward to seeing you again in Pohnstorf!

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