Ice-Cold Sparkling Wine: a Winter Wedding at Schöneberg Registry Office in Berlin

A visit to Schöneberg Registry Office simply isn’t complete without a trip in its paternoster lift and in the case of a wedding, the bride and groom should definitely come along for the ride! Unfortunately, however, this highlight is currently being renovated or out or order – either way, it’s not open to visitors. We therefore had no choice but to take the stairs (or, of course, the normal lift, but where’s the fun in that?!).

Laura and Florian had invited me to accompany them at their small family wedding in the wedding room of Schöneberg Registry Office, a wonderful room flooded with natural light, on what turned out to be probably one of the coldest days of March in Berlin since records began. The bride and groom had decided to spend their special day with their parents, their witnesses, a couple of friends and some (ice-cold) sparkling wine. Their wedding also featured a very special guest: Laura’s baby bump! Although the weather was freezing, Laura, Florian and their guests braved the elements to enjoy a reception with sparkling wine in front of the entrance to the registry office building. Schöneberg Registry Office does indeed offer a few pretty settings for stunning wedding photos, but given that the sun was shining so brightly, we decided to put on our hats, scarves and winter coats and also enjoy a stroll down to the nearby underground station. Oh how I love the winter sunshine in Berlin!

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank-you to Laura and Florian for letting me publish some of my favourite moments of the day here. All the best for the almost three of you!

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