From Kreuzberg to the Spree – An urban summer wedding in Berlin

As nice as it is to celebrate outside at the lake or on Brandenburg manors in summer – I love to accompany a casual and elegant summer wedding in the city as well. Especially when I can even go on foot to the bride and groom in the morning. And to be able to gaze over the Kreuzberger Oranienplatz from the suite of a chic boutique hotel, I have to say, there’ s something to it. The Hotel Orania opened here a year ago in the rooms of the former Art Nouveau department store. And so I was able to start the big day with Margaretha and Oliver in the middle of my home district. After a short stroll along the by its standards still almost sleepy Oranienstrasse, we drove together east to Köpenick, where the German-Indian wedding party was already waiting in the St. Josef Church. After a emotional wedding ceremony, in which not only the local priest, but also a friend of the family took part, we went to the Spree to celebrate. On the panoramic terrace of the White Spree Lounge, Berlin showed its best side: pure sunshine, a fresh breeze in between and a great mood, as befits such a day. Many thanks again to Maggie and Olli for letting me show you some of my favourite moments of this wonderful day!



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